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The Mods Catalog

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Magical Modifiers

Fairy Wand - Sure, they'll laugh at you for using this cute little thing - once. It's a big, puffy cloth star with sequins and glitter and shiny streamers on the end of an intricately carved wooden handle.Comes in pink, yellow, and baby blue. Bop your opponent with it for a little added impact. +3 damage. Mage/Fighter-Mage.

Magi's Staff - This beautiful staff acts as a power source, allowing you to make any normal combat spell a +3 combat spell. Must be used in conjunction with a spell. It does have one drawback: because of the amount of energy it conducts, this staff is physically very fragile. If you actually hit someone with it and roll a 1, not only does the spell do normal damage, but the staff breaks, permanently. +3 damage. Mage only.


Cyber/Bioware and Other High-Tech Modifiers

Little Black Bag - This is a doctor's travel kit, custom tailored to fit your character's time period. It contains several items which will improve your patient's chances of survival. This item is available to Clerics only, and adds up to +3 to healing rolls. Does not assist with resurrections or related functions. +1, +2, and +3 versions available.

Odds and Ends


UGC Mods That Are NOT Acceptable in SRC

GOLD PIECE CHARM: A gold charm in the shape of a UGC gold piece that pays the owner 10 gp for each spar they log and send to their dice master. This may help you feel you are gaining something for all that work. State in your log submission you are using this, in order to keep your gp records clear. Diff 3
List price: 4000 gp TM Leithien

ORB OF TELEPORTATION: This magic black orb allows an assassin to escape by teleporting instantly out of any room after a hit, and is stated in the attack, like any modifier. It adds to stealth of the assassin and is used by indicating the action ::teleports out :: . Assassins using this orb cannot be trapped in a room by any item, unless it is a diff level of 4 or greater. Sold to UGC registered assassins. Diff 3
List price: 3000 gp TM Leithien

DELAY DEATH CHARM: This charm, in the form of a tiny gold dagger with a pigeon blood ruby set in the handle, enables a character to delay death in UGC AA, by adding 3 pts to the number needed to kill them in an AA. Diff 3
List price: 4000 gp Teloric Silverflame

DELAY DECAY SPELL: This spell slows the decaying process so that the body may be resurrected any time within the next 24 hours, instead of the next 2. All other rules regarding a successful UGC rezz still apply. This spell must be cast on the corpse within the 2 hour IRL time limit in order to take effect. It cannot be cast by the person who died, it must be cast by some other party. Diff 3  List price: 4000 gp Teloric Silverflame

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