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The files available here are in .zip format. You will need an unzipping program to open them. WinZip was the program used to compress the files, but any unzipping program should be fine.

Most of the documents contained in the .zip files are MS Word documents (.doc), which can be opened in WordPad in most cases. Most word processing programs will also import MS Word files. If you need a different format, send an email (use the button below) stating which file you are interested in, and what format you will need. Please attempt to use what is offered before requesting a different format. Some of the zip files will have several versions of the file inside. Usually these will be MS Word (doc), MS-DOS text (txt), and Rich Text Format (rtf).

Click on the linked filename of the item you wish to download. You will be asked what you wish to do with the file. You should choose Save to Disk. Specify a location to store the file and you're all set. The file will download, and you can unzip it when you wish.

At present these are in no particular order, however if everyone is very nice to the webmaster, that might change in the near future. Right now they've been tossed up here in the order of completion.

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Filename File Description File Size (zipped) Upload Date Most Recent Revision Proctor's Handbook in three formats.


9-7-98 File contains the Book of Magic, in three formats


9-5-98 Cleric's Handbook, three formats 32.2K 9-5-98 Clandestine Artist, in three formats 47.6K 9-5-98 War Book, in three formats 29.8K 9-5-98 Commander's Handbook, three formats 34.3K 9-5-98 Dicemaster's Handbook, three formats 7.9K 9-5-98 Player's Handbook, three formats 80.4K 9-5-98 Independent's Handbook, in three formats 12.8K 9-5-98 Main charter, in two formats 56.7K 9-5-98 Main Charter in MS Word format 36K 9-5-98 This is a packet of charts, containing almost anything a commander could need.


7-17-98 7-17-98 The Clandestine Artist (the Assassin's Handbook) 18K 7-19-98 7-19-98 SRC Guild Application 4K 7-19-98 7-19-98 SRC House Application 4K 7-19-98 7-19-98 SRC Independent Application 4K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Race/Dice Worksheet 2K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Teacher registration form 2K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Thief registration form 2K 7-19-98 7-19-98 On-Hand inventory form for merchants 3K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Weekly paymaster's report form 3K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Weekly sales report form 2K 7-19-98 7-19-98 Membership report for commanders 3K 7-19-98 7-19-98
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