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The rules you'll find in this section are just for fun. No one's going to be DM'd for ignoring them, or anything evil like that. They're expansions, for those of you who would like to use them. To copy a set of rules, highlight the text you need, press Control C, then open an email or a text editor and press Control V, then just save the file. A download version may become available at a later date.



This set of rules for 8-Ball was written by SoIReaver, with help from Mharen, Anya, Dallas, and Sol. Warning: This can be a very long game!

How To Play

The object of the game is to clear your balls from the table, and sink the 8-ball before your opponent does. The balls do not have to be shot in numerical order, however the 8-ball MUST be the last ball you sink, and both players shoot for it.  If you sink the 8 ball before you finish clearing your color from the table, you lose. 

Ball Chart
Solids   Stripes
1   9
2   10
3 8 11
4   12
5   13
6   14
7   15

The Break

Both players roll 1d6 to see who breaks. The high roll breaks (shoots first). This usually applies only to the first game. After that, the winner of the previous game breaks. If any balls are sunk on the break, that player chooses whether they will play for solids or stripes, and continues shooting. If no balls are sunk on the break, control passes to the other player. The first person to sink a ball chooses whether they are shooting solids or stripes.

To break, roll 1d16. Use the chart to determine the result.

1 Scratch - Automatic loss
2-14 No balls sunk - control goes to opponent
15 1 ball in - choose solids or stripes and continue shooting
16 2 balls in - choose solids or stripes and continue shooting

Regular Shots

All shots except the break are made with 1d8. To shoot, call the shot, including which ball, where you want it to go, and the path it will take to get there. The fancier the shot, the better. Don't worry about where the balls actually are---role-play it! Remember to keep track of which balls you've sunk. Call your shot just like you would any other RP action, in ::: :::, then roll your 1d8. As long as you roll a hit, you may continue shooting. When you miss, control passes to your opponent.

1 = Scratch 2-3 =  No hit 4-7  =  hit 8 = Loss (you sunk the 8 ball)


If you roll a 1, you sunk the cue ball. If you scratch on the break, you automatically lose, and the game is set up again. If you scratch on any other shot (except the last), control goes to your opponent, who automatically gets two shots, to make up for the IRL aspect of being able to "spot" the cue ball. If you roll a 1 while shooting for the 8-ball, you lose.

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