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SRC Council Officers as of 9-2-98

These are the current officers in SRC. If a position is listed as open, any reports to that department go to the department head. Send to Jetai to apply for open jobs.


The Triumvirate - Feral, Anya DarxWulf, and Jetai

The Chancellor of Admissions - DI Tuffy, Jetai   (Need a replacement---OPEN)

The SRC DiceMaster - Jetai
The D90 Mentors - Jetai
Guild/House Reports Liaison -OPEN  (temporary: Jetai)

The Mentors - Jetai, Anya DarxWulf,   (several positions OPEN)

The Minister of Commerce - Nikoli Tretiak
Chancellor of the Arts - Mharen Collins deSoL
Slaver's Liaison - OPEN (Temporary: Rask of Treve)
Merchant's Liaison - Trevor DeSol
Office of the Registrar - Thanasi Ambros

The Minister of Clandestine Arts - Rask of Treve
Thieves' Guild - OPEN
Assassin's Mentor - Rask of Treve , Zach Darksol, Tanar'ri (1 slot OPEN)

Chancellor of Records - Anya DarxWulf (1 slot OPEN)

Minister of Justice Tylork

  - Marianna
Guild/House Reports Liaison - OPEN (temporary: Jetai)

Chancellor of Fighting Standards - Anya DarxWulf
Proctor General - Anya DarxWulf
The War Chancellor - Sahgahrah. (1 slot OPEN)


Applying For a Council Job

Requirements for ANY Council Job:

  • You must be a member of SRC.

  • You may not hold an office on any other forum's council at the same time.

  • You must be d60 or higher.

  • You must have data storage available (large hard drive, lots of diskettes, zip disks, whatever).

  • You must be online daily or at least 3-4 times per week, depending on the job.

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