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Handbooks Section


Choose a link from the column at left to display the handbook you wish to see. It will be displayed in this area of your screen. You may use your browser's back button to return to this page, or use the column at left to choose another handbook to view. If you choose Home, it will take you back to the main welcome and contents page.

Please note: The SRC Website has become a Frames-Free site, so any page you choose to print directly will print the whole screen, not just the text in this section.

Handbook Overviews:

The Clandestine Artist - Expanded rules and examples for assassins and thieves. Covers target numbers, perception dice, kidnapping, AAs, KAs, and TAs and more.

The Cleric's Handbook - Information on healing, ritual work, cleric xp, spells, and other info of interest to the priest or healer type.

The Commander's Handbook - Information and charts for GCa and HCs, distilled into one more or less convenient document. Includes the reports that are expected, etc.

The Complete Grimoire - It isn't complete, and likely will never be. However, it is a listing of spells, and some information on how to use them. See the Book of Magic for more practical information.

The Dicemaster's Handbook - Hints on keeping up with xp, charts and more for dicemasters or commanders. Actually a good idea for everyone to read.

The Entertainer's Handbook - Will eventually be a guide to entertainment of most sorts and the xp earned from it. At present, it's still being written.

Getting Started in SRC - This is the Player's Handbook. It covers everything from character creation to rolling dice, to dying. Everyone should read this one. Probably wouldn't hurt to memorize most of it.

The Independent's Handbook - This will eventually be everything you need to know as a freelance member of SRC. Right now, saying it's incomplete is an understatement.

The Mentor's Supplement - This addition to the Independent's Handbook will become the guide to working with freelancers as a Mentor, which is a council position. In large part it will be charts, but will contain information on most topics with any relevance to the position.

The Book of Magic - This handbook goes ia bit further in detail than the main charter about magic, who can use it under what circumstances,the requirements and limitations, creating spells and magic items, and detailed explanations of how to make and use mods.

The Merchant's Handbook - Almost everything you need to know to run a business in SRC. There are some points still being worked out, so don't panic if what you need to know isn't there.

The Mods Catalog - This document will eventually contain the name and description of every SRC-made mod, as well as a listing of those accepted from other forums. Perhaps equally important, it contains information on mods that are NOT accepted in SRC.

The Proctor's Handbook - The latest rules on proctoring, along with tips and tricks to make the process easier.

The War Book - Everything you need to know to host a war or attend one. It might even help you survive one. Subject to revision after we see how it works, of course.


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