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The Independent's Handbook

This guide includes the basic points covered in the main body of the SRC Charter for this topic, as well as additional rules, clarifications, and examples. This guide is considered part of the SRC Charter. This guide is subject to frequent revision, so please return at least monthly to be certain you are working with the latest available set of rules. Updated information will be added in the appropriate section of this guide. When an update for this guide is issued, the guide name and date of most recent update will appear on the Revisions page.


SRC tries to encourage individual players as much as Guilds or Houses, and to that end we have created a set of guidelines for them as well. Individuals may claim the same rights as any other member of SRC with certain exceptions covered in this handbook. The Independent's Handbook also provides most of the information needed by Mentors.

Restrictions - Presently there are no restrictions regarding what other Forums an individual may belong to and join SRC. An Independent may not hold a council job in more than one Forum, however, including becoming a Mentor in SRC while holding other council positions in other Forums. Individuals (a.k.a. Independents) may not be representatives to the SRC Council. They will be assigned a Mentor, however, to whom they may make suggestions and voice concerns. The Mentors are responsible for seeing to it that Independents in their regions are kept up-to-date  on rules changes and for being the Independents' voice to the SRC Council.

Application to SRC - Individuals have a specific application to return (see Appendix 1 - Applications, or the Download Area). Upon approval of the Individual's application, they will be provided with an information packet and assigned a Mentor. The application is self explanatory. Be sure to list your Screen Name in all lower case to ensure accuracy. Send the application to the Chancellor of Admissions, as an email (no attachments accepted) in black text on a white background. Expect a response within 5 days.

Initial Gold/Experience Grant - Newly created characters (starting at 0 gold, 0 xp) have the right to a beginning grant simply for joining SRC. The new character's mentor will award this grant as soon as the application has been approved. This grant may be any ONE of the following:
            a. 100 Gold Pieces
            b. 200 xp
            c. 50 GP and 100 xp

Conversions from other Councils - SRC recognizes experience already gained. Experience from other councils will be converted as fairly as possible. Experience from certain Forums, such as UGC, transfers directly. Other characters may gain or lose sides, depending on how experience was calculated in their former council. Please note: experience converts directly ONLY at the time of joining SRC. If for example, your UGC character inherits 10000xp in a will after becoming an SRC member, that 10000 applies only to the UGC character, not the SRC one, because SRC does not allow the transfer of xp. The same is true with guild bonuses from other Forums--they do not apply in SRC.

Earning and Documenting Experience and Gold

Independents, like all other SRC members,  must keep their own records of their spars and experience. This includes keeping copies of logs, weekly summaries, and any communications with members of the SRC Council.  They must also turn in their logs for auditing to their Mentor, who will approve xp totals, dice, and gold paid by the SRC.

Independents gain xp from various activities at the normal rate, however they are paid only 2gp per log, up to 25 logs per week. They may also be paid directly for their services by other characters, they may work in shops, taverns or the like, or they may contract to guilds for their services and receive gold in this manner.

Individuals must keep records of their gold earnings and expenditures, and are encouraged to send copies to their Mentors, so that in the event of a dispute, records will be available to resolve the problem. If the Mentor has no records, or if said records are not kept up to date, any such disputes will be settled arbitrarily by the Mentor or other official. It is, therefore, in the Independent's best interest to keep good records, and keep their Mentor updated.

Becoming a Mentor

Independents may apply to become a Mentor once they reach d60. This is an SRC Council seat, and as such is a paid position (500gp weekly). This is the only way Independents may sit on the SRC Council, other than being appointed to one of the Permanent Seats. Whether the Independent is granted this position will be based on several factors, including the mun's available time, mun's gaming experience, the length of time the character has been a member of SRC, and the needs of the SRC Council at that time. If the Independent meets the requirements, but no position is available, they will be added to a waiting list, and "hired" when a position opens. Positions will be filled from the list in order by date of acceptance. Once the application is accepted, the Independent will be required to complete a certification course. Generally, a new Mentor position will be created when all existing Mentors are working with 15 or more Independents. The maximum number of Independents a Mentor may presently represent is 20.


Information Required in the Character Profile

1.You must list that you are an Independent member of SRC in your profile. The abbreviation SRC-I is sufficient for this purpose.
2. Dice and Experience - You are required to list your current dice and xp totals. You may not claim or roll higher than is listed in your profile (unless agreed to, as for a normal spar). If you do not list your dice and xp you are considered to roll 2d20, regardless of class, experience, or any other factor.

3. Certifications - Because characters are often paid for services, listing any SRC certifications or registrations they hold is in the character's best interest. Only Proctors are required to list that they are Certified. Assassins must list their registration number, however they need not identify it as such. Claiming unearned certifications or registrations will result in xp penalties.

4. Bodyguard Status - If you are a bodyguard, you must list your employer in your profile, and they must list you in theirs in order for it to be valid. If both characters do not list in their profiles that Character A is bodyguard to Character B, Character A cannot aid in spotting AAs , TAs or KAs , nor can Character A interfere in such attempts in any way on behalf of Character B.

5. Gold and Location - You must carry 10% of your total gold, or 100 gold, and you must list this amount in your profile.

6. Slave/Ghost/POW status - If you are or become a slave, you must list your owner's name and the date your term of service ends. The same is true if you become a Ghost or a POW, though in the case of war Ghosts and POWs, the date may not be known since this is usually based on the end date of the war.

Additional Information

This Handbook mostly covers information that applies only to Independents. All players are encouraged to read all of the handbooks, especially the Player's Handbook, which provides general information on gaming in SRC and basic rules and conventions. Each player will want to read the handbooks that specifically apply to their character as well, and may wish to skip handbooks that may never apply at all. Reading all of the handbooks is encouraged because, while you may never want to become an assassin, you may well become the target of one, and should know how to respond.


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