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The (In)Complete Grimoire


This guide includes the basic points covered in the main body of the SRC Charter for this topic, as well as additional rules, clarifications, and examples. This guide is considered part of the SRC Charter. This guide is subject to frequent revision, so please return at least monthly to be certain you are working with the latest available set of rules. Updated information will be added in the appropriate section of this guide. When an update for this guide is issued, the guide name and date of most recent update will appear on the Revisions page.

This section will be forever under construction. It will probably appear on the revisions page frequently, due to the nature of magic in Rhydin, and the ever-expanding number of spells that become available. Here is the current offering of spells that are legal in SRC, along with some other information of interest to mages and cleric-mages.

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Blank Spellbook - The bare essentials for recording spells. This is a blank book of special paper, and comes with a bottle of magical ink. The pages replicate as needed to allow space for an infinite number of spells, and the ink bottle never empties. This item can be purchased in any magic shop.

A Basic Spellbook - Any mage can purchase this item for a reasonable price in any shop that sells magic items. It contains five normal spells of the purchaser's choosing, and can hold an infinite number of additional spells. It comes with an endless supply of magical ink.

The BattleMage Spellbook - This is a very portable volume, invariably more expensive than the Basic Spellbook. Like the Basic Spellbook, the  BattleMage Spellbook can usually be purchased most anywhere. It contains eight normal attack or defense spells, and the buyer may choose two additional ones for a total of ten spells. It holds an infinite number of additional spells, and comes with an endless supply of magical ink.

The Cleric's Spellbook - Almost identical to the BattleMage's Spellbook, except that its pre-entered spells are healing related. It's usually about the same cost, and can be purchased in the same shops. It contains eight spells, the buyer chooses two more, for a total of ten. Like the others, it will hold an infinite number of spells, and comes with an endless supply of magical ink.

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Spells that Modify Die Rolls

Like all SRC Mods, modifying spells are subject to limitations. The maximum modifier is +3, with a limit of +6 in any situation (only two +3 attack spells can be used in a match, for instance, although those two spells can be used as many times as needed, unless they fail). Spells are as prone to failure as items, and under essentially the same circumstances. If an attack spell is cast, and the caster rolls a 1, the spell fails and cannot be used again that day. The same is true of healing spells. Defensive spells must be cast at the beginning of a match, and they last until the end of the match, or until an opponent rolls their maximum on one die (if a 4d58 rolls a 58 against a defensive spell, the spell fails and cannot be used again that day). As with all mods, the caster must roll one hit naturally, or the spell does not take effect.

SRC magic shops set their own prices generally, however the usual minimum price for modifying spells is 900gp per +1. Prices may vary from shop to shop, so do check around. Modifying spells may cost somewhat less if purchased in a Spellbook.

Healing Spells

Healing Hands - This spell increases the caster's general healing abilities, allowing them to more accurately target and heal the damage. The caster must touch the victim in order to use this spell. +1, +2, +3 versions available.

Song of Returning - The Song of Returning is an entrancing song that keeps the victim's spirit near and calm, or summons it back if it has already gone. This spell was created for the most dire circumstances. It is especially good for use with resurrections and soul- transfers, where the spirit may have already left the body. It can be used for general healing as well, if needed. +3 only.

Safety Net - This spell helps calm a victim so that they do not fight magical healing. It provides a feeling of tranquility, safety and well-being. It is especially good for helping to cure madness, or to counter Fear type attack spells. +1, +2, and +3 versions available.

Gift of Strength - The caster touches the victim, and gives them magical strength to replenish their reserves. This is best used for other Mages or Clerics who have over-extended themselves. +1,+2, and +3 versions available.

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Offensive  (Combat) Spells

Terrorize - This spell conjures nightmarish images from the target's own mind, causing distraction and temporary madness. +1, +2, and +3 versions are available.

Itch - This spell is not terribly powerful, but it is powerfully annoying, especially under plate armor. A good spell for friendly spars, as well as for more deadly matches. +1 only.

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Defensive Spells

Smoke and Mirrors - This spell allows the caster to appear to be somewhere they are not, thereby allowing them to avoid taking the full damage from an attack. +1, +2, and +3 versions available.

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Special Spells


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UGC  Modifying Spells accepted in SRC - Please note: If you have already acquired them, these spells are accepted modifiers in SRC spars and matches. SRC members who obtained UGC spells prior to joining SRC must register them with SRC, just as they would register an SRC spell. UGC spells are not available in SRC magic shops; you must purchase them from a UGC shop. They are not available in the spellbooks listed above. This listing comes from the UGC Mage's Shop (which we recommend highly).

ANIMORPHIA SPELL: The caster of this spell transforms into the magical or mythical animal of his/her choosing, taking on supernatural strength. The moves after the spell is cast must be made IC as the animal, who is capable of +3 damage against the opponent it attacks. +3 dmg List price: 3000 gp TM Leithien

A powerful psionic spell, it causes excruciating pain to the target, but leaves no marks or visible damage to their body. The type and location of the pain is chosen by the caster.+3 dmg List price: 3000 gp TM Leithien

A holy spell which summons the energy of light and justice, forming them into a powerful force field shaped as a giant flaming hammer of vengeance descending upon the head of the unrighteous foe. The searing force knocks the enemy to the ground helpless and scorched. Especially useful against vampires and demons. +3 dmg List price: 3000 gp TM Leithien

A spell from the oldest and darkest corners of the realm, cast by chanting. The opponent is stricken by a trance, allowing the attacker to sink his or her fangs into their neck, resulting in a damaging drain of their life force. (This does not transfer power to the attacker, only damage to the target)+1 dmg, +2 dmg, or +3 dmg. List price: 1000 gp per +1. TM Leithien

The person casting this spell summons the dread servants of the shadow world, who envelope the target in a ring of paralyzing and painful darkness, temporarily breaching mental and spiritual defenses, leaving the target helpless against the coming attack, and allowing the attacker to inflict much greater damage than normal. +3 dmg List price: 3000 gp TM Leithien

Upon casting this spell, a ray of blue light emanates from the caster's fingertips, becoming a bolt of blue chain lightning, striking the opponent with a severe electrical charge. +1 dmg, +2 dmg, or +3 dmg. List price: 1000 gp per +1

Twin bolts of multi-hued darkness form on the caster's hands. They fly forward and hit the target with an effect that is like EXPLODING from the inside out. +1 dmg, +2 dmg, or +3 dmg. List price: 1000 gp per +1

Upon casting the verbal spell, two large, eerily glowing hands appear in front of the opponent and grasp them around the neck, choking them severely. +1 dmg, +2 dmg, or +3 dmg. List price: 1000 gp per +1

When this spell is cast, the caster's hands become superheated, as if they are fire itself. The caster simply grips his/her opponent flesh to flesh, and the touched area of the opponent is burnt from the fiery touch. +1 dmg, +2 dmg, or +3 dmg. List price: 1000 gp per +1

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Normal Spells

Combat Spells

Fireball - No surprises here. Same fireball that's in almost every RPG, online or tabletop. Envelopes your opponent in a ball of flame.

Lightning - No surprises, here either. Zaps your opponent with a bolt of lightning from your fingertips.

Shrink - Not technically a combat spell, but it works as one in a pinch. Makes your target smaller. And smaller. And smaller.

Grow - Like Shrink, this isn't really a combat spell, but it works. It rather disorients your opponent if he has to reach down from a height of 30 feet to hit you.


Defensive Spells


Healing Spells

Heal Minor Wounds

Cure Insanity

Heal Major Wounds

Miscellaneous Other Spells

Cat Nap - This spell gives the target a full 8 hours of restful sleep in the space of an instant. ((Sorry, it doesn't work on muns)).


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