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Appendix 2

GC, HC Report Forms

Weekly Membership Report Form for Guilds or Houses. GCs and HCs may either use this form, or simply send the information in an email to the Guild/House Reports Liaison. Must be black text on white background, and all screen names must be in lower case. Add lines as needed.

Membership Report

Week Ending:
Guild or House:
Current Total Members:
Screen Names Added Since Last Report

Screen Names Removed Since Last Report:


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Sample Experience Worksheet

This is the HTML version of an Excel workbook page. It works just fine with a calculator, too. Excel users who like the look of this worksheet, and would like to have a copy can download it from our download area. The advantage to the Excel sheet is that you don't need the calculator. Just fill in the figures, and it updates totals for you, including the xp earned for each match. This version of the sheet does not take into account anything except fighting logs, however, you can change the headings on the chart below as needed, or if you are using the Excel version, there are ways you can work around that limitation until the new version is finished. The smaller table shows the multiplier used for the various matches.


Character SN


Type of Spar

X Multiplier

# Opponents

Highest Dice or Point Spread

Exp. For Spar

Current Exp.

Example 7-14-98 SM 10 12 120 120
Example 7-14-98 MS 5 3 90 1350 1470


Spar Types

















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Member Experience Record

Member Experience Record - GCs and HCs may use this Experience Record form, or create their own as long as all information is present and in a readable form. This form is provided for convenience. Add lines as needed.

Member:                                 Sheet #:                          Date:

Filename/Email Subject                                          XP Earned:                                              Total XP to Date:



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Weekly Paymaster's Report - GCs and HCs may use this or a similar form for reporting logs to the Paymaster for payment. Only members who turned in logs need be listed on this report. Screen names must be lower case. If you choose to use your own report format, please make certain that all of the information is present and in a readable format. The report must be black text, white background only.


Paymaster's Report
This report must be turned in weekly to the Paymaster. Be sure all SNs are lower case, and that no member is reported for more than 25 logs for pay. Only members who actually turned in logs need be listed in this report. Add spaces to the end of this report as necessary. DO NOT send as an attachment without permission; if you do, it will be deleted.

Guild or House: Week Ending:

Member SN:                                            Rank:                            Number of Logs:



Other Worksheets

Dice Worksheet
To determine the number of dice a character rolls if they do not fall into any of the standard racial types listed in the Race/Dice Chart in Attachment 3, use the table below to fill out the worksheet. This worksheet must be filed with the character's application to the Guild, or with the character's Independent application.

Tables for Dice Worksheet

Strength Score
Average human to professional athlete 1
Olympic powerlifter-lift up to 1500lbs 2
Lift 1501 to 3000 lbs 3
Lift 3001 to 6000 lbs 4
Lift 6001 + lbs (Must be of unusually large size) 5
Natural Body Armor Score
Average Human 1
Leathery hide or thick fur (dermal plate1, bear) 2
Thick Hide (dermal plate 3, elephant) 3
Thick Scales/Plates (dragon, Iron Golem) 4
Demon/Angel (borg, or requires +3 weapon in AD&D) 5
Natural or Cyber Weapons Score
None 1
Small claws/teeth (handrazors, gun) 2
Medium claws/teeth/hooves/small horns 3
Large claws/teeth/medium horns 4
Huge claws/teeth/large horns (adult dragon, anti-vehicle weapons) 5
Extra Limbs (must be strong enought to attack with) Score
No extra limbs (humanoid or normal animal) 1
1 extra limb/pair 2
2 extra limb/pair 3
3 or 4 extra limbs/pairs 4
5+ extra limbs (tentacles, etc) 5
Enhanced Movement Score
Normal Rate/method 1
-35mph   Fly/Run/Swim/Tunnel , local teleport 2
-60mph Fly/Run/Swim/Tunnel, teleport 1-10 mi 3
-100mph Fly/Run/Swim/Tunnel, teleport 10-100 4
100+mph Fly/Run/Swim/Tunnel, unlimtd teleport 5
Agility Score
Average Human 1
Gymnast/martial artist 2
Feline agility 3
Super-hero 4
Unnatural 5
Magic/Psionics/Shapeshifting Score
None 1
Innate basic magic or psionics 2
Shapeshift, 2 forms 3
Shapeshift, 3-5 forms 4
Mimic anything 5
Natural Life Span Score
-100 years 1
100-300 years 2
300-1000 years 3
1000-5000 years 4
5000+ or Immortal 5
Score:  8-12 (Normal)           2d Score: 13-21 (Unnatural)          3d Score:22+ (Supernatural)           4d


Dice Worksheet

Choose one score for each attribute from the table above, fill it in the appropriate space on the worksheet. Add all 8 scores together, put the total in the Total Score blank. Find the number of dice that corresponds with your total score, and put this in the Dice blank. Be sure your Screen Name is correct and in all lower case. Fill in the name of the character race, if you know it. Use the Describe blank to note your character's enhancements (why they don't fit in the standard character dice chart). Please note that the worksheet below will cut and paste into an email. The chart above will not.

Race/Dice Worksheet

Use the Race/Dice Table to determine a score for the 8 attributes--choose only one score for each--and fill them in below. Add the 8 scores, and place in the Total Score blank. Refer to the Race/Dice Table to find the dice for that score, place this in the Dice blank. Describe the enhancements or differences that make your character NOT fit into any of the standard Race/Dice categories. Add any other comments you wish.

SN:                                     Race, if known:                       Total Score:          Dice:

Strength:           Armor:                    Weapon:                          Limbs:
Move:               Agility:                    Magic:                             Life Span:

Describe your character's enhancements, and explain why this character did not fit any of the standard Race/Dice categories:

Other comments:



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Merchant Reports

On-Hand Inventory Report

This report must be turned in to the Chamber of Commerce weekly. Fill in the item and/or type for each item you currently have in stock. Group all like items together, unless they have different costs to make or retail prices---try to avoid listing items individually. Enter the quantity of each item you currently have in stock. Enter the cost to make 1 of each item. Enter the amount you plan to sell the item for. For example, if you own a clothing shop, your entries for shirts might look like this:

Item /Type                           Quantity On Hand           Cost each to make             Retail Price
Shirts, fancy                                 12                                       2                                    6
Shirts, plain                                  12                                      1                                    3

Cut the report portion at the line, paste it into a new email. Add lines as needed. DO NOT send as an attachment without permission; it will be deleted.

------------------------------------------------------ Cut Here -------------------------------------------------
On-Hand Inventory Report

Shop Name:                               Owner:                                              Date:
Item /Type                            Quantity On Hand            Cost each to make              Retail Price



WB00681_.gif (2716 bytes)

Weekly Sales Report

This report must be filed with the Minister of Commerce weekly. This report has two sections; be sure to fill them both out. You may add spaces as needed to either or both sections. DO NOT send this as an attachment without permission. It will be deleted unread.

Shop Name:                                                   Owner:
Week Ending:                                                Start Gold:                               End Gold:

Item Sold                               Quantity                       Price Each

Employee SN (lower case)                       Amount Paid



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